Welcome to Lake Wanaka – Rocky Mountain Apartments

IMPORTANT NOTICE from Lake Wanaka – Rocky Mountain Apartments:

Lake Wanaka – Rocky Mountain Apartments is privately owned and independently managed by Wanaka Selection.

Lake Wanaka – Rocky Mountain Apartments/ Wanaka Selection guests DO NOT have access to the onsite gymnasium or hot pool complex. Other facilities (restaurants and bars) may be available on a user pays basis.

Property Manager contact details are: Wanaka Selection, 23 Brownston Street, Wanaka, Phone +64 3 4439224, email: info@wanakaselection.co.nz.

If you require assistance during your stay, please call Wanaka Selection on +64 3 443 9224.

The Oakridge Resort on-site reception is a separate entity and is unable to assist you.

Please refer to Wanaka Selection for details on terms and conditions for your booking and stay at Lake Wanaka – Rocky Mountain Apartments.